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  • Chartered Building Surveyor in Shropshire
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Alan J Bateman

20 - Jan - 2012

Chartered Building Surveyor

Building Surveying

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Residential Building Survey

This type of survey is a comprehensive inspection of a property reported in the style to suit the property and the client's specific requirements. It is suitable for all properties, especially:

  • Listed buildings
  • Older properties
  • Buildings constructed in an unusual way
  • Properties you plan to renovate or alter
  • Properties that have had extensive alterations

It examines all accessible parts of the property and it can be tailored to suit your needs.

A building survey can include details of:

  • Major and minor defects and possible consequences
  • The possible costs of repairs
  • Results of damp testing
  • Damage to timbers-including word worm and rot
  • The condition of damp proofing, insulation and drainage (visual only)
  • Technical information on the construction of the property and the materials used
  • The location
  • The recommendations for further special inspections

Specific Building Defects

Where a full building survey is not required a report covering a specific building defect such as defective roof covering, dampness, timber defects and structural movement can be produced.

Such a report is often required due to a defect being raised within a Mortgage Valuation Report where concern has been raised regarding a specific defect.

A budget costing for remedial work to repair the defect can be included where requested.

Report on Condition

This type of report is a briefer form of the building survey that covers the fabric and structure of the building in detail but does not include for the visible cosmetic elements such as decoration and internal fittings which are obvious to all purchasers.

Specialist Reports

Reports can be produced to identify defective workmanship where clients are aggrieved with builders workmanship or where general advice is required regarding particular concerns.

A report of this nature provides a professional opinion on a particular defect and may be used to demonstrate inadequate standards of workmanship prior to legal action being undertaken.


Schedule of Condition

A detailed schedule and description of condition of the building elements together with an extensive photographic schedule to record accurately the condition of the building as a whole at a specific date.

The schedule of condition is generally prepared to accompany a lease at the beginning of a term which will help to reduce the tenant's potential liability for dilapidations at the lease termination.

  • Architectural Design in Staffordshire
  • Architectural Design in Shropshire
  • Building Surveyor in Shropshire
  • Building Plans in Staffordshire
  • Building Plans in Cheshire
  • Building Surveys in Staffordshire
  • Building Surveys in Shropshire
  • Home Buyers Reports in Staffordshire
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  • Home Buyers Reports in Shropshire